Who we are


Technology Solutions for Energy and the Environment

Our operative working group is made up of 16 people, a harmonious team who have been working together for years. All of us perfectly focused on satisfying the needs of our clients.

Our team is a perfect mix of high-level specialists who are perfectly integrated and complement each other in order to have a well organized staff and always be ready to solve any kind of problem we find during our activity. Our staff has a wide range of workers  starting from the skilled technicians working on site to the expert supervisors  in the field of plants and energy for managing all the aspects of an energy firm.

Our team has always succeeded in solving problems and giving top-notch support related to management and maintenance of the plants. Our vast experience means we are ready to always give the quickest and best answer to every critical situation.

Our operative working group

Operational technical skills on the field
  • Marietta Lucia Brau

    Amministratrice e socio fondatore di Soltea - Ingegnere elettrico

  • Stefano Cocco

    Socio fondatore della Soltea S.r.L. - Perito elettrotecnico

  • Silvestro Cossu

    Founder member of ‘Soltea’ - Electronics engineer

  • Giuseppe Meloni

    Founder member of ‘Soltea’ - Electrical engineer

  • Jonathan Lai

    Electrical engineer

  • Alessandro Licheri

    Mechanical qualified expert

  • Gabriele Sanna

    Nuclear engineer

  • Serafino Atzeni

    Qualified expert in electronics

  • Angelo Caddeo

    Electrical engineer

  • Fabiana Casula

    Qualified expert in electronics

  • Vincenzo Solinas


  • Maria Giovanna Bazzu

    Administrative and secretariat officer

  • Gianluca Cocco


  • Giuseppe Buffa


  • Salvatore Cocciu


  • Andrea Fadda