Customer assistance entails the fulfillment of any administrative requirements expected by all the Energy Authorities operating in the energy field: ENEL; GSE; Customs and Excise Agency; Authority for Electricity. This service has the aim of constantly respecting all legislations in energy sector in order to avoid potential sanctions.

Checking of data production sent to GSE

This service provides a constantly and thoroughly checking of production data are to be sent to GSE. The owner of a plant is no longer obliged to record and send data production to GSE in order to calculate the right State subsidy. This task has been delegated to the Network Operator (usually ‘ENEL’).Therefore it is crucial to constantly and thoroughly monitor the production data in order to prevent mistakes in calculating the amount of State subsidy your company will receive.

Annual statement of consumption
The annual statement of consumption, in accordance with current legislation of excise duties, must be presented by 31 march each year from every production plant of electrical energy with an installed power capacity over 20 Kwp.

The fulfilment of obligations towards AEEGSI (Italian Authority for Electrical Energy and Gas)

The owners of energy production plants, who fall within the definition of energy producers, according to the AEEGSI guidelines, have to present an administrative and technical certification every year.

Service of updating of the new obligations

The renewable energy sector is constantly changing, not only in technical terms but also in legislative terms. The service we  provide includes the constant updating of legislation in this field in order to immediately and efficiently meet the new requirements demanded by Energy Authorities.

Monitoring state funding

The Government Policy in the renewable energy sector are repeatedly changing and affects all the aspects of the production process. We constantly monitor every action the Government policy undertakes both at a regional scale and at a national scale. We pinpoint the State funding more appropriate for your firm to install a renewable energy plant. Of course, we support you in preparing all the administrative papers and also in charting the technical project in order to receive State funding.