Every single plant needs to be constantly monitored and maintained in order to make it efficient. We check that all the production results match the planned goals; respecting always the laws and the rules that regulate these kind of energy plants.

An energy plant is something which works every single day of the year, 24 h. a day, so it needs accurate maintenance and control  regardless of an eventual damage and malfunctions. Only in this way the energy plants can work properly and used in the right way will give its perfect efficiency.

The Scheduled Maintenance (Preventive maintenance CEI 56-40)

This planned maintenance allows anyone to verify over time the general conditions of a plant and all its components pledging that the productivity will match the planned results.

Preventive Maintenance is accomplished with regular testing of the plant, inspecting every component of the generator  in order to guarantee the perfect use of all its parts. This checking activity constantly safeguards the plants’ efficiency at high standards respecting the scheduled production results.


Corrective Maintenance (CEI 56-40)

Corrective maintenance is the activity we put into action after a mechanical failure has been noticed in order to solve the malfunction and allow the machine to work properly as usual.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is the activity of controlling and valuating all standards of operations in a plant, so that we are able to notice a potential anomaly and immediately act to set, upgrade, repair and change the malfunctioning parts before a breakage happens  or before a notable drop in production.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring gives a constant analysis of the production standards and establishes that project predictions will be respected; in addiction it ascertains any possible functional anomaly that could negatively affect the production of energy. This service is carried out by our operative centre and it confers the benefit of constantly monitoring the energy plant, verifying the functioning of every single part and the production in detail, in order to troubleshoot any potential failure otherwise not immediately revealed.

To perform this crucial task a plant must be equipped with a device able to record and send all the data relating to every single component. If the plant is devoid of a specific monitoring device we can supply and install it.

Supervision of the production standars

The supervision of the production standards allows us to analyze the real yield of the plant and consequently follow the expected business plan. Monitoring the production data makes it possible to check and send energy consumption tracking to the GSE (Energy Service Network) on behalf of the National Network Operator (usually ‘ENEL’). This service is accomplished by detecting the consumption remotely or on site by the electrical meters.